All currently known issues - Patch 1.0.2

Patch notes

23. November 2020

This is a minor patch fixing the remaining issues that we knew about. All these fixes where also applied to the HTML build.

  • (Hopefully) fixed the bugs where UI elements sometimes appear at the wrong coordinates full-screen. 
  • Pressing Escape on the end screen now closes the game
  • Slightly moved Tomabro to be more accessible from the right side.
  • Behind the scenes calculations.
  • Room transition is now shown when going to credits
  • Fixed an issue which caused a 1px black line to be drawn at the top

Road map: Currently these were the remaining list of issues we knew about for the game. We are working on another project that we are passionate about. You can follow that more closely on twitter.


Hazel The Plant Witch 14 MB
Nov 23, 2020
Hazel The Plant Witch101 15 MB
Nov 09, 2020

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