A downloadable game for Windows

A kind and cosy game about listening to others.

1st Place in GM48

and the first place in innovation

(a 48-hour game jam). 

*This is an updated version*

People say talking to plants helps them grow. Hazel knows better. Most plants can't understand human speech. Luckily, Hazel is a brilliant techno witch who has made a gadget that will help her communicate to plants! By listening to plants, Hazel can record what plants are saying to her. This way, she can replay that dialogue to other plants and have a real conversation with a plant in their own language!

Can Hazel overcome the limitations of speaking in pre-recorded messages and help her plant friends out?


  • Move - WASD
  • Talk/Interact - "E" or "Spacebar"
  • Open up your recorder - "R"
  • Save dialogue - "1", "2", "3", "4" (You have four save slots for dialogue. Use the number keys to save a dialogue to the corresponding save slot.)
  • Choose Dialogue option - WASD
  • Lower/Increase volume while in game - K / L


Hazel's plant child, Rose, is moving out soon. Hazel wants to find the perfect gift for Rose but cannot understand plant language. How can Hazel learn to communicate with plants in order to find the perfect gift?

Help Hazel by collecting dialogue with her tape recorder by speaking to plants and picking which dialogue you want to save.

The dialogue you save becomes the options that are available to you the next time you talk to a plant!

Done with the game's story? There's also a mysterious "Dye Log Tree" where Hazel lives. The more you learn about what plants say, the more the tree grows! What's the highest percentage you can get?

Rumour board

  • I hear a certain someone wants to 'exchange poems' with the schoolteacher...
  • I wonder what the plants want for Halloween? Perhaps we can have a 'gift exchange'.

Developed by

The Mini Bunnies

  • Happysquared
  • Hokori 
  • Ivanbje 
  • Sunnydaze

Victoria Caña

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorsMini Bunnies, IvanBje, victoryarcana, Hokori, happysquared
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags2D, Cozy, Cute, GameMaker, Narrative, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer


Hazel The Plant Witch 14 MB

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Adorable little game! Really good job The Mini Bunnies

loved it, got to 102% , how do you reach 145% tho??

got to 118% in the third try, how the heck u get more than that? help

What a cute little game! I collected a decent amount of a dialogue too. Was very enjoyable to play

What's the max percent for finding dialogue?

The max percent should be 145%. There are a lot of one liners you can find and some dialogue you can get locked out of so we wanted players to be able to get 100% through the completion of the main quest, the two side quests and a bit of extra dialogue.


This game is really cute, love it!

Thank you! 


it's GREAT and pretty I love everything about it

Thanks so much! We are so happy that you loved it.


Played it when it came out. Big fan!!

Thanks! Big fan of you and your work too!


I wish I can have a recorder to talk with plants like Hazel have :D

Trying to get 100% of the dialogue but it's a bit hard D'X


Having a recorder would be nice but I'm going to keep talking to my plants anyways and maybe one day they will answer me. :P

If you are having trouble reaching higher % I'd recommend checking out the 'Rumour Board' on this page. It might give you an idea of where to start.

Thanks for playing!


I had such a fun time streaming this game! Not only is the artwork beautiful, the humor is very tongue in cheek puntastic. The devs were kind enough to stop by and were such a fun group to interact with. I highly recommend playing this and trying to get 100% of the dialogue—I got 94%. (Yes that is a brag). Excited to see more from MiniBunnies!


Thank you for such a lovely play through! We appreciate such kind words and we had a great time hanging out in your stream. 94% is definitely an impressive score, we're glad you had a fun time playing our game :).


Such a lovely game with some really interesting characters and I've never played a game quite like it - definitely one to help you de-stress and relax! 


Thank you, really liked your video. Was really satisfying to see your reaction to Croton's and Daffodil's second question where you went immediately   "Oh, I know where to get that!", it was lovely. Very happy you liked it and thanks for making a video :) :)


Such an awesome atmosphere and great art design! Great job :)


Thank you for those kind words. Happy that you like the atmosphere and art design. We revamped the art quite a bit for the post-jam version. All the characters, along with some of the assets were designed and drawn in the original 48 hours, but the island itself, along with the exterior of the houses were redesigned and the layout of things rearranged for the post jam. Thanks for playing, happy that you liked it :)


Interesting concept, fun to play and pretty well polished. Would love to see a longer version :)


Thanks for playing. Revisiting and expanding on this idea is something we might look into in the future but we are currently working on a game we are enthusiastic about. Thanks for the feedback and really glad you like it.

(1 edit) (+4)

I really had a lot of fun exploring and trying different saying with all the friendly plants around the island. what are some of the things you folks found?

Let's Check it Out:


Thank you so much for playing the game and featuring it in your video. Was impressed with how quickly you lined yourself up for the photo. I always struggle with that 😅. Loved your reaction to the bros as well. Was a lot of fun to watch and really happy that you liked it. 


my only regret is not doing more voices for the other flowers


super cute game, i really loved the concept!! i wish it was longer though, i would totally play a longer version!!


Thanks. Very happy that you loved the cute aesthetics and the game concept. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we've gotten from this game. We are currently working on another project that we are quite passionate about but haven't really discussed our plans after that. but all this feedback might end up persuading us to expand on this idea in the future. Thanks for playing and thank you for leaving a feedback, it really means a lot to us :) :)


Totally loved this game! The tranquil music and simple pixel art style blend exceptionally well to compliment the clever dialogue and innovative recording mechanic. Each plant has a charming personality all their own and helps in crafting a creative and relaxing experience that I really enjoyed playing and look forward to returning to.


Thank you so much, our writer tried their best on trying to create a distinct personality for each of the plants and keep the dialogue interesting and fun since it's such a core concept of the game. They're really happy to hear this, as are we all, it was a team effort and we tried to make all aspects of the game mesh well together and I am happy that it made it through to you and you enjoyed the experience. Thanks for playing and leaving a feedback, very much appriciated :D


Really enjoyed the changes this time around, the game was great before but it was really clean and easy to play the second time around. The art is well done and the game itself is very unique. 

Who knows maybe in the future you could do a sequel where you have to travel and talk to plants to find visit Rose hehehe..


Really happy that you enjoyed it. Those are great ideas, exploring other parts of this world, we'll keep that idea and see if there will be a good opportunity to act on it someday in the future. Thank you so much, appreciate all the praise :D :D


Absolutely adored this game! I really like the main character's design and the pixel art is super adorable too! The concept of recording plants' messages is super unique and I really hope it's expanded on in the future, I'd love to play more. The writing is also really well done and I love that each plant has their own personality! Highly recommended for sure!

(1 edit) (+3)

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it. Expanding the idea is something we might look into in the future but we are currently working on another project that we're really excited about. Thanks again for your feedback, really appreciate it! We had several designs for Hazel and fell in love with the one we went with. And thanks about your comments on the writing. The writers are really happy to hear that as a lot of the script had to be changed last minute during the jam. So we're happy the spirit of the writing and the plant's personalities still got across.


I played the first version of this game and was pleasantly surprised by how well the dialogue system fit in to the game.  It was very creative and I had never played anything that used dialogue cues to continue the story.

The second time around I really liked all the cosmetic changes and new dialogue, it was very cleverly done and the conversations between the plants are engaging and fun to read.  Hazel's character design and hat are awesome.


Thanks for playing it, and then playing it again 🥳😊

Happy to hear that it engaged you and that you like the design of Hazel, she sure is an awesome techno witch.


I was interested when I read that this game implements a unique concept of recording existing dialogue in order to talk to characters and progress in the story. It's a very short game, so my main impression of it was that it's an fun concept that's sort of like a puzzle game. The development team introduced this mechanic fairly well through the story dialogue and a simple user interface.

The writer(s) did a good job with the dialogue to introduce the characters (and plants!), give hints about your objective, and allude to the world at large. When I'm on a tiny floating island and the villagers (plants!) discuss "world down there", and their strange sounding cities, I feel immersed in this fantastical world. What does a world look like where plants get along as humans do? It definitely piques my interest in what could come next in the story.

Overall, Hazel the Plant Witch tells a pleasant and short story that makes you want to know more about the world where plants can communicate. The dialogue recording concept is refreshing, and the writing is solid. 


Happy to hear you liked it, we thankfully had help from few lovely play testers who helped us locate the problems with the flow at the start and I am glad that it got through.

Our writers poured a lot of work into this game, as well as everyone on the team and I am so pleased to hear that it got you immersed and interested in the world we tried to create.

Thanks for playing :)


Such a unique game that I wasn't sure if I'd like to play. The game could easily be transformed into an educational game for children to learn about something. In this case, maybe plants.


Thank you. We thought it was quite unique when the idea came to us. This idea could probably be used for something educational as well. The fact that you mention it indicates that the game engaged you, I hope that's true and I am happy to hear that.

I guess there are a few tidbits in there that people can learn from, not all of us knew the names of all these plants and I for sure didn't know that there are approximately 390,000 known plant species on earth before we made the game.


This game is awesome! I like how it looks and how easy it is to play it. The whole dialogue is nice as well, this game has nice art work and music. I like how you can adjust the volume in the updated one. Defiantly 10/10!


Wow, thanks, 10/10 is high praise 😁


Loved the music, art work, and originality of the game!

Played the original and then played this updated version and loved the new changes tot he games characters, volume adjustment and little original sounds. 

They listen to peoples input and were able to integrate it into the game and build upon it. 

Very Unique game


Thanks, seeing that you loved it makes us happy. We are very thankful for the feedback we've been getting because that helps us grow. Glad you like how unique it is, we are very happy with how it turned out. Thanks for playing.

(1 edit) (+5)

The changes in the art, music, and dialogue have built upon the previous iteration of this game and it is even better. With the added dialogue, it challenged me to be more creative, which is a good change of pace for me.

In my initial review, my only gripe was the lack of sound adjustment. Now, there is an option to adjust the sound, which is awesome! It shows that the dev team actively listens to the community. It makes a difference knowing that someone is listening to you.


Thank you very much for these kind words. Yeah, we strive to learn and make the best games that we can. We value all feedback and constructive criticism, it helps us spot things that we might miss or misjudge. 
Glad you liked our game 😊